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What is BISSAP Rouge?

Bissap is the common West African name for the beverage derived from the Roselle hibiscus calyx (sepals) and BISSAP Rouge is our version. Roselle hibiscus is part of the hibiscus flower family. The sepals can vary in color, but the red and white are normally brewed for teas and drinks. BISSAP Rouge is derived from the red sepals and is a herbal tea.


How can I use BISSAP Rouge?

Enjoy it chilled, warm, as a base in your favorite smoothie, post workout, with sparkling water when you are feeling fancy or crafted into your new go-to happy hour cocktail. See our blog for recipe ideas.


How do I store the teas?

It is best to consume by the best by date indicated on the bottle. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 5-7 days for maximum freshness, we doubt you’ll wait that long though.


How do you preserve the shelf life of your teas?

We believe when it comes to preservatives, nature does it best. The lemon juice in our teas triples as a preservative, flavor enhancer and cleanser. Our teas contain no artificial preservatives, additives, or dyes.


Why do you add sugar?

Brewed BISSAP has a natural tangy taste (think Cranberry). Traditionally, it is sweetened with sugar to make it less tart. We lightly sweeten our teas with demerara sugar, which retains more of its vitamin and mineral content. We like to think of this as taste, with benefits.


Why glass bottles?

We want to maintain the traditional method of brewing and preserve the flavor and vitality of our teas. Bonus, it’s recyclable! 


Why 8oz bottles?

4 ounces are too few and 12 ounces too many, but 8 ounces is the sweet spot. 


Do you use sustainable packaging? 

Our teas are shipped using styrofoam inserts. Currently, this is the best option for ensuring that you receive your order intact. We are working to identify a sustainable packaging alternative that will provide the same outcome.  


Why is there color variation between batches?

Our teas are made from organic ingredients grown in nature and this can cause slight variations in color from batch to batch.  We do not mind being extra, just not with preservatives or dyes. 

Where do you ship?

For now, we only ship within the continental US.


Will you introduce other flavors?       

That’s the plan! Follow us on our social media platforms for product announcements.


Contact us at admin@bosuofoods.com

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